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Our Services

Healthcare are designed to empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

At Muswellbrook Doctors, we provide a comprehensive range of medical services to cater to the distinct requirements of every patient. Our aim is to cultivate a purposeful and quality-focused healthcare environment that effectively addresses the health concerns prevalent within our community.

Women’s Health and Ante-Natal Care

Our female doctors provide sensitive and discreet women’s sexual and reproductive health support. Gynaecological exams, cervical cancer tests, birth control guidance and prenatal care are among the services we offer.

Men’s Health

Our GPs are familiar with the challenges and conditions that men encounter. We can assist patients in managing heart disease, lung disease, prostate health and cholesterol levels.

Pediatric Health

From birth to young adulthood, we provide a spectrum of services to the youngest members of our community. This includes childhood immunisations, newborn assessments, and progress and development health checks.


Vaccines help reduce the spread of disease and trigger your immune system to fight against disease-causing organisms. Take responsibility and strengthen the health of your community by ensuring your family’s vaccines are up to date, especially before you travel.

Travel Medicine

Are you planning a trip overseas? Make the most of your holiday by getting advice on staying healthy while travelling and acquiring the right vaccines for your destination.

Medical Check-Ups

Regular check-ups can help us detect early indicators of health problems to enable appropriate proactive treatment before the condition progresses. Prevention is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress, save time and money, and ensure ongoing health and well-being.

Early Intervention

We provide early intervention to children and young people with unique developmental and health needs who may be at risk of poor outcomes if they do not receive additional assistance. Give your child the best chance for healthy growth and development.

Acute and Chronic Condition Management

From broken bones to asthma, we’ll help you recover and improve your overall health by treating and managing short- and long-term conditions.

Minor Skin Procedures

We offer a variety of minor (non-surgical) skin procedures and treatments for common skin conditions, including skin checks for early melanoma detection.

Seasonal Vaccines

Seasonal immunisations, such as the flu vaccine, are recommended annually to reduce the risk of seasonal sickness. For those who qualify, several seasonal immunisations are free.

Mental Health

Our health professionals understand the importance of mental health in total wellness. We offer non-judgmental, empathetic support and practical solutions for people living with a mental illness.

Medical Reports

We can provide a range of medical reports, including any information that may be needed by your specialist, employer or any legal proceedings. Contact us to find out more.

Small Scale Surgeries

Our clinic is ready and equipped to undertake small-scale treatments, so you won’t have to go to the hospital for minor injuries or procedures.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine programme helps athletes recover and manage their injuries and ailments. Whether you’re dealing with tennis elbow or a soccer injury, we can help immediately and in the longer term.

Occupational Health

Pre-employment medical examinations and job evaluations are included in our services.

Pain Management

We can help you with ongoing pain management and thorough end-to-end care whether you have chronic, acute or intermittent pain.


Our onsite pathology service allows us to go beyond treating the symptoms by also promptly investigating the cause.

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